Train with a professional and achieve your health goals in record time.

Setting targets

Your Personal Trainer will help you define health goals and achievable milestones.

Professional guidance

Every challenging journey has roadblocks. Your personal trainer will help you navigate the road and stay on track.

Beyond your workout

Regular exercise is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle, but diet, rest, and stress-management are equally important. Your trainer will help you follow a balanced and sustainable plan.

Meet your personal trainers

Personal training plans

Personal Training Memberships

We don’t want you to have to choose between our amazing personal trainers and wide variety of classes on offer. That’s why we have created our personal training memberships, packages that really mean you can achieve your full potential. 

1-1 Personal Training

£130.00 per month

1 individual PT session a week, with this option you become a Premium member along with all the benefits.

2-1 Personal Training

£74.99 per person per month

1 joint PT sessions a week, with this option you become a Premium member along with all the benefits.

Drop-in sessions

If you’d like to give personal training a try (or you’re not in town for long) then you can book a one-off session with a trainer of your choice.


Book 5 personal training sessions in advance for 10% off, or 10 sessions for 15% off. Contact us to arrange.

1-1 Personal Training

£30 per session

Just you and a personal trainer of your choice.

2-1 Personal Training

£15 per person per session

Bring a friend along and split the cost.

Meet a personal trainer


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Classes for…

Over 50s
Dancing Wildly
Strength Building
Improving Stamina

Personal Training for…

Marathon Running
Muscle Growth
Weight Loss