Gym Rules

A set of house rules to ensure our facilities are enjoyed by everyone.


Everyone has their own goals and different methods of getting in shape. Function Fitness welcomes and respects all fitness abilities and views on fitness. We hope that our customers will uphold this inclusive ethos. 




Keep yourself safe! Please use the gym facilities and equipment properly so as not to injure yourself or others.


Please don’t throw or drop the equipment, not only does it give everyone headaches. It damages it and dramatically reduces the life of equipment.


Not everyone is as strong as you… make sure that you replace the weights back onto the racks when you have finished with them.


Hygiene is key throughout the gym, no body wants to be ill. Please wipe down the equipment after using it. 


Sorry another one on the hygiene front; as much as we embrace all things natural, for the sake of those with sensitive noses please use deodorant.


Please consider other fitness fanatics when using your mobile phone in the gym. Make sure that they stay in your bags during classes, our instructors work really hard to programme these sessions!


This is one from Russ- 

Not everyone can afford trainers just for the gym but please make sure that after you have been for that muddy 10k run around St. Giles woods, you knock the mud off the bottom.  


If you are booked onto a class but are unable to make it, please let us know as soon as possible. There may be a waiting list! 


Say hello! Ultimately we are all here to get fit and being part of a community is key to that.  We would love to get know you.

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